Publication Guidelines & Fees


We are excited that you have found something at MCHA that you want or wish to reproduce!

In short there are two types of publication requests: 1) obtaining an image in the Monmouth County Historical Association’s collection that will be used only for study and research purposes or 2) permission to publish images of any items in our collection. You will find both types of pricing on the right.

We also ask that you get permission from MCHA by writing and getting a response specific to your request. It will always help to tell us your intended use! Once permission is given we will outline some specific guidelines that come with use (e.g. copyright, credit, image editing, copies of publications…). We will also explain how to make your advance payment.

Fees for multiple uses (i.e., revised edition, second language) will be determined at the time of request. Any fees for uses not listed below will be determined after requests are received in written form.

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