120th Anniversary Series – June

A Thoroughly Modern Museum: 1978 – 1988 The Monmouth County Historical Association began its eighth decade with a new director, a wide-ranging collections, an important library and archives, four historic houses, and a main museum building. Post-war American society had changed dramatically, and museums were attempting to remain relevant and vital. The Association faced its […]

120th Anniversary Series – May

Growing Pains and Maturity 1968 – 1978   The end of the sixties saw the Monmouth County Historical Association with four historic houses, a main museum building, burgeoning collections, and a busy research library. The organization survived that tumultuous decade with the help of dedicated staff, hardworking trustees, and supportive members and volunteers. The 1970s […]

120th Anniversary Series – April

Surprises At Every Turn: The Sixties Surprises At Every Turn: The Sixties 1958 – 1968 Over the next ten years, the Association would find ways to cope with an ever burgeoning collection and the acquisition of three historic houses within a short space of time. The changing landscape of Monmouth County, coupled with the changing […]

120th Anniversary Series – March

Growth and Change: The Postwar Years 1948 – 1958 The Monmouth County Historical Association celebrated its fiftieth year of existence with a gala afternoon event in October of 1948. The coming decade would bring changes to both postwar America and to the Association itself. The museum would acquire a second historic house, focus on community […]

120th Anniversary Series – February

1938 – 1948 The War Years and The End of an Era While the fifth decade of the Association’s existence began quietly, the coming years would see a second World War, the death of the museum’s most devoted supporter, the loss of its first director, and the post-war challenge of gathering new members and reinventing […]

120th Anniversary Series – January

1928 – 1938 The Monmouth County Historical Association came of age in its fourth decade of existence, but not without a few growing pains. The issue of where to locate a headquarters building had presumably been resolved in 1927, when the Association accepted the donation of a lot in Freehold from David Vanderveer Perrine. That […]

120th Anniversary Series – December

1918 – 1928     The Monmouth County Historical Association entered its third decade of activities with a robust membership and several thousand dollars in the bank. Its headquarters remained in the Davidson Building on Broad Street in Red Bank, where the organization housed its growing and important collection of historical manuscripts, books, and memorabilia. […]

120th Anniversary Series – November

1908-1918 A look back at the second decade of MCHA, from 1908 – 1918, shows an increase in the size and scope of membership with an important transition in leadership, as well as an established routine for meetings and administration that reflects the gracious tempo of life for many residents of Monmouth County during this […]

Special Exhibit Reception

Freehold – Monmouth County Historical Association invites its members and the public to a free reception on Sunday afternoon, 4 November, from 2 to 4 pm, to view our two new exhibits entitled “A Family Reunited: The Conover Portraits” and “Polite and Useful Education: Pictorial Needlework Embroidery.” The event will be held at the Association’s […]

Polite and Useful Education: Pictorial Needlework Embroidery

Polite and Useful Education: Pictorial Needlework Embroidery Eight works ranging in date from 1706 to 1985 represent the highest achievement in female needlework art, being the culmination of a young girl’s training with the needle. They include such subjects as religious scenes, mourning memorials, depictions of buildings, and simply decorative designs. Six of the pictures […]

Monmouth County Historical Association

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