Learn about 18th century life inside any of our four pre-revolutionary Historic House Museums and enjoy one of the following special programs.
Available Monday through Friday
Cost: $125 per group, up to 30 students, except where noted for Covenhoven programs
Program Length: 60 minutes

Marlpit Hall, Middletown

“Choosing Sides” – Available April through November
In 1776 not everyone supported American Independence, including the Taylor family of Marlpit Hall. Discover their story and that of the enslaved Africans living with them. Students are encouraged to decide for themselves which side to support in the struggle for independence and equality.

Program can be combined with a tour of the adjacent Victorian mansion, the Taylor Butler House, to continue with the story of the Taylor family.

Covenhoven House, Freehold

“Hearth and Home” – Available October through May
A tour of the 1750’s house illustrates what life was like for the Covenhoven family as they moved away from their Dutch traditions and embraced a more English lifestyle. Students observe cornbread, gingerbread, sizzled eggs and other colonial foods cooked over the open hearth, then sample the results.
Cost: $150 per group, up to 30 students

Program can be combined with a tour of Monmouth Battlefield or a visit to our Museum in Freehold. Contact Monmouth Battlefield at 732-462-9616 for more information on their program.

Holmes-Hendrickson House, Holmdel

“Farm and Family” – Available May through October
Costumed interpreters introduce students to 18th century Dutch and English customs and architecture as they tour this Dutch farmhouse. Upstairs, students join in carding, spinning and weaving to experience the labor involved in textile production.

Allen House, Shrewsbury

“Tavern Life, Public Life” – Available May through December
The tavern in 18th century New Jersey was much more than a place to eat, drink, and sleep. The Blue Ball Tavern at Shrewsbury’s “Historic Four Corners” also functioned as a court, town hall, post office, and news center for the surrounding countryside. Students take a close look at the role taverns played in civic life.

Thank you to OceanFirst for sponsoring our educational programming for 2017.


“This program is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the Revolutionary War and the role New Jersey played in it.”

– Conover Road Elementary School


“Informative, interesting – performers were excellent!”

– Millstone River Upper Elementary School


“Really, really wonderful – so interesting!”

– Emma Havens Young School


“Your program suits our needs perfectly.”

– Bradley Beach School

$125 for each Traveling Trunk or Historic House educational program, not to exceed 30 people per group at the Museum, Holmes-Hendrickson House, Marlpit Hall, Allen House, or in the classroom.

$150 for each Covenhoven House cooking program, not to exceed 30 people per group.

A non-refundable deposit of $30 is due in advance of each program with the exception of the Covenhoven House cooking program, which is $50.

Click HERE or contact:

Pati Githens
Outreach Manager
(732) 462-1466, ext. 11

Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

The Covenhoven House and the Museum can each accommodate two groups at the same time.

Confirmations with details will be sent upon receipt of deposit.

For a brochure on all of our educational programs, click here.