The MCHA Research Library & Archives is a significant resource for researchers seeking to document historical and genealogical information. It holds the largest collection of Monmouth County published and unpublished materials in the state.

MCHA’s archival holdings, ranging in date from the 17th through the 20th centuries, number more than 1,200 collections of papers pertaining to Monmouth County individuals, families, businesses, organizations, municipalities, industries, and events. In a large number of instances, these papers provide contemporary documentation for the lives of people who owned many of our museum objects, or even the items themselves. This is what sets the museum collection of the MCHA apart from a typical decorative or fine art museum – the exceptional intersection of artifact and information about its context to form a deeper understanding of the social makeup and structure of life in Monmouth County and New Jersey over the past three hundred and fifty years.

Visitors to MCHA’s Headquarters in Freehold, NJ are welcome to make use of these resources and anyone is welcome to make an online research request for a small fee here.