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May 2004

Soldiers Killed in Action Files

These files were created soon after the war by the MCHA Librarian Laura M. Flanders. The files include a form filled out by the soldier's family member, his photograph, and sometimes his obituary or additional materials from the family member. The preservation of these files was funded by William Baronowsky in memory of his father, Walter Baronowsky (1914-1984), a World War II veteran. Rutgers University student Dan Meola volunteered his time to organize and re-house the files in Spring 2004.

We welcome any additional information about these soldiers, or any fallen soldiers from Monmouth County not listed.

Aasvik, Ingvard T. Olsen; Private, Marine Corps
Abbott, Frederick Lyman; Seaman 1st Class, Navy
Acker, Charles A.; PFC, Army
Albrect, Adam; Tech. Sgt., Army Air Corps
Askew, Theodore; Seaman 2nd Class, Navy
Augenstine, Edwin Daniel; Chief Warrant Officer, Army Signal Corps
Baden, Michael Alexander; PFC, Army
Baiga, Stanley Joseph; Corp., Army
Banke, Arris [added 2012]
Barberio, John M.; Sgt., Marine Corps
Bennett, Robert Henderson; Maj., Army
Bernhardt, Harold George; Chief Carpenter's Mate, U.S.C.G.
Biancamano, John Joseph; Private, Army
Bomberger, David Henry; Seaman 1st Class, U.S.C.G.
Brady, James Aloysius; Tech. Sgt., Army
Brewer, Thomas J.J.; PFC, Army
Brown, Raymond Charles; Soundman 3rd Class, Navy
Bruno, Frank Peter; Sgt., Army
Burtis, Robert Arthur; Sgt., Army Air Corps
Campbell, Robert Rue; Private, Army
Carney, Jerome V.B.; PFC, Army
Chambers, Walter Miller; PFC, Marine Corps
Coffey, John Charles; PFC, Marine Corps
Comerford, James Curley; PFC, Army
Cooke, Donald Richard; PFC, Army
Costello, James Richard; Lt., Navy Air Corps
Cross, William Thomas; Sgt., Army
Dangler, Ralph; Warrant Officer, U. S. N. R.
Davey, Donald Robert; Sgt., Army
DeCarlo, Philip L.; PFC, Army
Demlin, Kenneth C.; 1st Lt., Quartermaster Corps
Denman, Charles Robert; Cpl., Army
Dennis, George Foster; PFC, Army
Dernberger, William Lyon; Lt., J.G., Navy Air Corps
Dick, Harold Gustave; PFC, Marine Corps
Dolan, Paul Joseph; Capt., Army Air Corps
Donahue, David Thomas; Tech. 5th Gr., Army Corps of Engineers (?)
Donald, Harold Clinton; 1st Lt., Army Corps of Engineers
Donnelly, Richard Augustus Jr.; 1st Lt., Army
DuPuis, John Kenneth; 2nd Lt., Army
Durante, George Thomas; Private, Army
Durante, Luke John; Chief Photographers Mate, Navy
Eisner, Jacques Rodney; Lt., JG, Navy
Ellis, Edward Porter; Lt., U.S.N.R.
Ferruggiaro, Alfred James; Seaman 1st Class, Navy
Finnigan, Edward John; Tech. 5th Gr., Army
Fisher, Robert Charles; Staff Sgt., Army Air Corps
Frelinghuysen, Theodore; unknown
Gant, Jay Raymond; Sgt., Army Air Corps
Geroni, Daniel; PFC, Army
Gilham, Lester J.; Master Sgt., Army
Gimbel, Louis S.; Lt. Col. Army (Air Trans. Comm.)
Grande, Frank Angelo; PFC, Army
Gray, John Lincoln; St. Sgt., Army
Greenblatt, Morton Allan; 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps
Guarino, Michael Louis; PFC, Army
Gunsauls, Paul Joseph; Staff Sgt., Army Air Corps
Haglind, Robert David; Radioman, Navy
Halsey, Samuel Harry; Merchant Marine
Hammond, Claudius; 1st Lt., Army (Air Trans. Comm.)
Hammell, John Gaunt; 1st Lt., Army
Harvey, Samuel Titus Jr.; Acting Sgt., Army
Height, Leon Hartson Jr.; 1st Lt., Marine Corps
Hornak, Joseph Leon; PFC, Army
Hughes, George Washington; Private, Army
Jacobus, Robert William; Sgt., Signal Corps
Jasper, Frederick Laurenzo; Seaman 1st C, Navy
Joy, John D.; Radar Tech. 3rd C, Navy
Kaleda, Charles Anthony; Private, Army
Kavanagh, Charles Joseph; ARM 3rd C, Navy
Kelly, Benjamin Dagwell; 2nd Lt., Army
King, Vernon Height; 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps
Kinsey, Arthur Murry; Corp, Army
Koisa, John Stephen; Tech 5th Gr., Army
Konish, Paul Peter; Sgt., Army
Kostal, Richard Emile; 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps
Larrison, Walter Lutel Jr.; Seaman 2nd C, Navy
LaVance, Sidney Holt; T. Sgt., Army Air Corps
Leighton, Jesse Sherman Jr.; Corp, Marine Corps
Lewis, Raymond Parker; PFC, Army (?)
Lorusso, Dominick Richard; Staff Sgt., Army Air Corps
Lott, Thomas Long; Private, Army
Louguet, Eugene; Torpedoman, Navy
Lukowitz, Stanley N. Jr.; Staff Sgt., Army Air Corps
MacEwan, John Archibald Jr.; PFC, Marine Corps
Maddox, Donald Warren; 1st Lt., Field Artillery, Army
Maloney, Frank Bernard; Private, Army
Matthews, Stacy Devy; Cpl., Marine Corps
McElvaine, Wilbur; PFC, Marine Corps
McHenry, Arthur James; PFC, Army
Miller, Louis; Private, Army
Morley, Joseph James Jr.; Elec. Mate 3rd C, Navy
Murphy, Christopher B.; Navy
Murphy, John Francis; Lt., Army Air Corps
Nadeau, Philip Wayne; Private, Army
Naughton, William J.; PFC, Army Air Corps
Nicholson, Reynhold, Axel; Private, Army Air Corps
Nisnevitz, Oscar; PFC, Army Corps. of Engineers
Oglensky, David; 1st Lt., Army
Oryll, Edward Valentino; Tech Sgt., Army
Overton, James Oliver; Private, Army
Papa, Vernon James; PFC, Army
Parisi, Emilio Anthony; PFC, Army
Pelleschi, Fredinando Jr.; Army
Pempek, Louis Vincent; Lt., Army
Perkins, Frank J.; Boatswain's Mate 2nd C, Navy
Plum, Elisha Gaddis; Sq. Leader, R.A.F.V.R.
Popp, Andy Bundy; Staff Sgt., Army
Prentice, Sheldon E.; Lt. Comm., Navy
Reamer, William Andrew Jr.; Seaman 1st C, Navy
Roberts, Raymond Urbane; PFC, Army
Rossell, Edward Ogden; Corp, Signal Corps
Schanck, David Leroy; Gunners Mate 2nd C, Navy
Schanck, Spafford Jr. [added 2012]
Scott, Walter Bernard; Corp., Army
Seymour, Ernest Judson; Lt., Army Air Corps
Sharp, Jack Hunter; 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps
Short, John James; Private, Army
Simcox, Thomas Agustus; So. M. 2nd C, Navy
Spinning, Kenneth Walling Jr.; Capt., Army Air Corps
Stancati, Arturo F.; Sgt., Army Air Corps
Starkey, William Frank Jr.; PFC, Army
Stoney, Alvin Harry; Boatswain's Mate 2nd C, Navy
Summonte, Alessio John; PFC, Army
Swensson, Emil; Navy
Swensson, Hilding Dewey; Vol. Ambulance Driver
Tantum, William Roland; Staff Sgt., Army Air Corps
Throckmorton, Theodore; Army
Van Rixoort, John Peter; Staff Sgt., Army
Van Sickle, Willard Fisk; Private, Army
Ward, Fred Allen; PFC, Army
Watson, Paul Edwin; Lt. Col., Army Signal Corps
Weiss, Stephen; PFC, Army
Welsh, Raymond; PFC, Army
Wilson, Wallace Monroe; Lt., J.G., U.S.N.R.
Winschuh, John Herman; Lt., Army Corps of Engineers
Worth, Milton Elmer; PFC, Army
Yoncusky, Alexander; Private, Army

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