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Collection 70

Sol Axelrod

Collection, 1933 - 1987 



Processed by

Jean Houston


Edited by

Barbara Carver Smith


Monmouth County Historical Association
70 Court Street
Freehold, New Jersey


October 1993


Provenance: Accession # 1988.01

Restrictions: None

Size of collection: One manuscript box



Folder #1
Notebook #1 - Research project done by Sol Axelrod - Story of the start of the town of Jersey Homesteads. Newspaper articles re: the start of the building of homes in the town, begun in 1933, people buying the homes, starting factories and the problems arising with regard to this project.

Folder #2
Copy of Notebook #1

Folder #3
Notebook #1 (continuation) - Photocopies of newspaper articles and magazines. Photocopies of Record of Conference held on September 28, 1943 at Borough Hall, Jersey Homesteads. Jersey Homesteads was a governmentally sponsored homestead project - articles refer to this and families and growth of the town.

Folder #4
Copy of Notebook #1 (continuation)

Folder #5
Notebook #2 - Pictures of residents, factories, homes. Newspaper articles, Commencement Program for Graduation Exercises. Typewritted paper by Sol Axelrod in response to a newspaper article in the Hightstown Gazette.

Folder #6
Notebook #2 - duplicates of 4 photographs in Folder #5

Folder #7
Notebook #3
A. Memorandum for the Press - 7 typed pages re: Jersey Homesteads - Project Plan 97164.

B. Susan Axelrod questions Sol Axelrod re: his life and Jersey Homesteads - 7 typed pages.

C. Much correspondence and comments regarding the Union and factory workers at Jersey Homesteads.

D. Pages from a Quarterly - Sociometry, on Planning a New Community


Folder #8
Copy of Folder #7

Folder #9
Notebook #4
A. 1985 March 12 - Letter from American Jewish Archives to Sol Axelrod sending him a copy of Jacob Rearson's Diary - written in Yiddish (16 pages)

B. Translation of diary by Sol Axelrod - 8 typed pages - tells of life at Jersey Homesteads

C. Article from Newspaper re: Subject on a Postage Stamp

D. 1982 April 26 - Letter from Sol Axelrod to Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee - re: Item "c" above.

E. 1982 May 12 - Letter from US Postal Service to "Customer" re: Item "D" above.

F. 1984 June 4 - Newspaper article in New York Times re: "Reunion: Commune is Recalled"

G. Farm Security Administration - Hearings - 2 pages

H. Pages from book, "Tomorrow a New World" by Paul K. Conklin (13 pages)

I. 1950 - Jersey Place Names Approved: Roosevelt: Not Jersey Homesteads

J. Pages from Urbam Homesteading by James W. Hughes and Kenneth D. Bleakly, Jr. (9 pages)

K. Pages from David Dubinsky: A Life With Labor by David Dubinsky and A.H. Raskin (6 pages)

L. Articles by Sol Axelrod re: Video Tape: "Visitors to Utopia"


Folder #10
Copy of Folder #9

Folder #11
Duplicate Photos

Folder #12
A. 1987 May 31 - New York Times Article re: Film set of Jewish Farmers in Jersey

B. Map of Lay Out of Town (2 copies)

C. Photo of Benjamin Brown, Founder (2 copies)

D. Four unidentified photos


Folder #13
Photographs of Roosevelt Residents:

A. Migdal (?)

B. Professor Albert Einstein

C. Mike Isaacs

D. unknown

E. Mrs. Graber

F. Mr. Nisnewitz

G. Brown, Dubinsky, Prof. Einstein

H. Mr. Sackowitz

I. Mr. Sokoloff

J. Mrs. Gushen

K. Mr. Greenwald

L. Mrs. Muskat

M. Mr. Rappaport

N. Mr. Retting

O. Seymore Kessler

P. Dubinsky and Prof. Einstein

Q Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Brown


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