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Collection 37

John C. Patterson (1790-1879)

Papers, 1807-1896 



Processed by Lois R. Densky

Edited by Gregory J. Plunges

Monmouth County Historical Association
70 Court Street
Freehold, New Jersey 07728

July 1981


John C. Patterson (1790 - 1879 Feb 15), the son of Kortenius Patterson, was born near Blue Ball and lived there and in Fairfield, both in Howell Twp., NJ. He was a carpenter by trade and a farmer.

On 1813 November 14, John C. Patterson married Sarah Riddle (ca. 1794 - 1856), the daughter of John Riddle. Their children were: Austin H., George W., Charles W., John C. (1834 - 1918), Frank, David, Sarah, and one other daughter. After his wife's death, he married a widow named Phebe Palmer. They had no children.

In addition to his own carpentry and farming business enterprises, he was extremely active in the affairs of his community. For forty years Mr. Patterson was elected assessor of Howell Twp. He was an appointed commissioner for proofing deeds (1833 - ca. 1853) and in 1838 was a Justice of the Peace. His other appointments include postmaster of Blue Ball, paymester of the 2nd Battalion of the Monmouth Brigade, Howell Twp. School District trustee, and Inspector of Registry and Elections.



The John C. Patterson Papers contain his personal, business, civic, military, and legal records. These papers include letters, financial and legal records, Howell Twp. tax assessment records, Howell Twp. School District records, Justice of the Peace records, Monmouth Brigade records, Commissioner records, and Registry and Election Inspector records. A small group of papers belonged to his daughter, Sarah Patterson Johnson, and form a separate record group. Her papers include letters, financial and legal documents. The bulk dates of the collection are from 1830 to 1878.

The collection documents a 19th century Howell Township carpenter, whose civic, fiscal, education, and military activities are also represented. The letters written during the Civil War will be useful to researchers of military history. The collection can be utilized to study the development of Howell Township, NJ. The Museum collection contains paintings by his son, John C. Patterson, Jr.



1. Letters, 1839 - 1878, n.d.
Arranged chronologically.

Series consists of incoming personal letters and a small number which pertain to tax assessment matters. Letters dated between 1862 and 1865 from his sons were written by them during their service in the Civil War.


2. Howell Township Tax Assessment Records, 1841 - 1878, n.d.
Arranged chronologically

Series contains Patterson's records as Howell Twp. assessor. Documents include lists, accounts, tax bills and receipts, tax abstracts, and addessor's orders to raise funds for the school district, for roads, for the poor, etc. Two noteworthy items include an 1846 Howell Iron Works list and an 1854 Aug 7 document which pertains to James P. Allaire's taxes.


3. Howell Township School District Records, 1834 - 1878, n.d.
Arranged chronologically

Series contains Patterson's records as a school district trustee and includes bills, receipts, a list, rewards of merit, and meeting announcements.


4. Justice of the Peace Records, 1831 - 1871
Arranged chronologically

Series consists of Patterson's Justice of the Peace records for the Monmouth County Court of Small Causes. The records include summonses, executions, judements, affidavits, claims, warrants, transcripts, memoranda books, appeals, and other supporting case documents. A July 1849 item pertains to James P. Allaire's taxes.


5. Monmouth Brigade Records, 1830 - 1837.
Arranged chronologically

Series contains Patterson's paymaster records for the 2nd Battalion and includes financial documents and orders to pay.


6. Commissioner Records, 1831 - 1861
Arranged chronologically

Series contains Patterson's commissioner records for proofing deeds. Documents include deeds, articles of agreement, and apprenticeship indentures.


7. Registry and Election Inspector Records, 1869 - 1878
Arranged chronologically

Series includes Patterson's papers regarding his appointment as Inspector of Registry and Elections. Documents include financial and printed material.


8. Financial Records, 1807 - 1878
Arranged chronologically

Series reflects his carpentry business and personal financial transactions and includes bills, receipts, accounts, orders, and promissory notes.


9. Legal Records, 1807 - 1879
Arranged chronologically

Series documents business and personal legal transactions. It contains mortgages, deeds, a lease, an insurance policy, judgement executions, an apprentice indenture, summonses, a release, and commissions appointing Patterson Commissioner for Proofing Deeds, Justice of the Peace, and Inspector of Registry and Elections. The 1879 item pertains to his estate.


10. Sarah Patterson Johnson Papers, 1852 - 1896
Arranged first by document type, then chronologically

Series includes letters, financial and legal documents. Letters are mostly personal although a few deal with business matters. The financial and legal documents include accounts, bills, receipts, legal testimony, and an execution order. The financial documents reflect transactions for the administration of James Johnson's estate by his wife, SP Johnson, who served as the executrix, and reflect some of her own personal business. The legal documents pertain to James Johnson's law enforcement activities as a constable.


Provenance: Unknown

Restrictions: None.

Size of Collection: 1 Linear Foot



Box # / Folder # / Contents

1 / 1 / Letters, 1839 - 1878, n.d.

1 / 2 / Howell Twp Tax Assessment Records, 1838 - 1869

1 / 3 / Howell Twp Tax Assessment Records, 1870 - 1878, n.d.

1 / 4 / Howell Twp. School District Records, 1834 - 1878, n.d.

1 / 5 / Justice of the Peace Records, 1831 - 1842

1 / 6 / Justice of the Peace Records, 1843 - 1871

1 / 7 / Monmouth Brigade Records, 1830 - 1837

1 / 8 / Commissioner Records, 1831 - 1861

1 / 9 / Registry & Election Inspector Records, 1869 - 1878

2 / 1 / Financial Records, 1807 - 1839

2 / 2 / Financial Records, 1840 - 1849

2 / 3 / Financial Records, 1850 - 1878

2 / 4 / Legal Records, 1807 - 1879

2 / 5 / Sarah Patterson Johnson Papers, 1852 - 1896




1. "Obituary Notice" Monmouth Democrat, 1879 Feb 20



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