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Collection 12

Joseph Hartshorne

Genealogical Collection, 1852-1918

Processed by

Lois R. Densky

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Gregory J. Plunges

Monmouth County Historical Association
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September 1980


Joseph Hartshorne (1852 - 1918) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Edward Hartshorne, MD (1818 - 1886) and Adelia Coffin (Swett) Pearse (1817 - 1891). He first married Mary Ives Hobart (1872 - 1894), daughter of William Mintzer Hobard (1840 - ?) and Elizabeth Wills Rutter (1839 - ?), on January 11, 1893 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. They had one child, Mariell (b. 1893). After Mary died, Joseph married her sister Anna Potts Hobart (1870 - ?) in Pottstown on April 20, 1896. They had two children, Josephine (b. 1897) and Edward (b. 1906).

Joseph Hartshorne was educated in the private schools of Robert Labberton, Labberton and Chase, and Chase and Buckingham. An 1871 graduate of Haverford College (PA), he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for one year and for one additional year at the University of Pennsylvania as a special student in chemistry. He also took a short course at Pierce's Business College.

In November 1873, Joseph Harshorne entered the employ of the Pennsylvania Steel Co. at Harrisburg. As a student, he served in every capacity in the steel plant. Hartshorne became a blower of a turn in 1876, and also served as an assistant in the laboratory. In 1876, he became an assistant chemist in the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania. In May 1876, he worked for the Cambria Iron Co. and Johnstown, PA and was sent to France to study the forking of the Pernot Open-Hearth steel furnace. Hartshorne worked as an assistant to Daniel J. Morrell, general manager of the company and US Commissioner to the Paris Exposition of that year. Joseph assisted in designing and erecting the Pernot plant at Cambria. He was foreman of a turn in it, and later superintendent.

Joseph Hartshorne became superintendent of the Bessemer and Blooming Mill Plant and served three years until May 1, 1884. At that date, he was employed by the Pottstown Iron Co. of Pottstown, PA and was sent to Europe to investigate the Basic Bessemer Process. He designed, erected, and was superintendent of a department of the Basic Bessemer Steel Plant at Pottstown until December 31, 1893, when the plant shut down and the company went out of business. From that time on, he practiced as a consulting engineer and as an expert in patent cases.

Joseph Hartshorne's professional associations included the American Institute of Mining Engineers, the Iron and Steel Institute of Great Britain, the American Iron and Steel Institute, the Verein Deutscher Eisenhuttenleute, and the Franklin Institute. As a member of the Council of the American Institute of Mining Engineers between 1904 and 1906, he was received in August 1906 by King Edward VII at Buckingham Palace with the other officers of the Institute.

He was vestryman of Christ Church in Pottstown from 1894 and later served as senior warden. Joseph served also as superintendent of the Sunday School for nineteen years and as church secretary and treasurer. He was a delegate to the Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania from 1897.

Joseph was a member of the Jury at the Expert Exposition at Philadelphia and was a member of the Jury of Awards, the Departmental Jury, and Grand Jury at the Louisianna Purchase Exposition at St. Louis in 1904. In 1907, he was elected a member of the Pottstown School Board. He was appointed to the Local Coal Committee for Pottstown on October 18, 1917 and was elected secretary and treasurer of that body.

Hartshorne's interest in family history resulted in the compilation of a vast genealogical collection. This material was gathered in preparation for a published Hartshorne family genealogy which was uncompleted at the time of his death.


The Joseph Hartshorne Genealogical Collection consists of genealogical material compiled or created by Hartshorne for a Hartshorne family book. Document types include correspondence, research notes, photographic material, genealogical charts files, bound volumes, oversize printed material, and index card files. The collection documents the New England, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia branches of the Hartshorne family. The bulk of the collection dates from 1900 - 1908.

The correspondence includes three sub-series. The largest consists of Joseph Hartshorne's correspondence with Hartshorne and allied family members. These letters requested that blank genealogical charts be filled out and returned to him. The correspondence also contains genealogical inquiries concerning the Hartshorne family. The first sub-series includes typed carbon copies of his outgoing letters and handwritten replies from his informants. The second sub-series are typed transcripts of selected letters from the first sub-series which contained genealogical information of great interest to Joseph. The third sub-series contains typed transcripts and photographic copies of original nineteenth century Hartshorne letters which were annotated and used by Joseph for his research. While not a part of this collection, many of the original letters are now housed in the Monmouth County Historical Association's Library and Archives.

The research notes series includes a variety of data pertaining to the Hartshorne genealogy. The series contains genealogies of the Hartshorne and allied families either compiled by Joseph Hartshorne or excerpted from printed sources, abstracts of wills, genealogical data compiled by others, and miscellaneous genealogical material. These research notes form the basis of the bound Hartshorne Family Record (vols. 1 & 2).

Photographic material contains black and white photographs, postcards, glass plate negatives, and drawings. The photographs include cabinet cards, carte-de-visites and silhouettes, and depict Hartshorne and allied family portraits and homesteads. The photographs also include photographic copies of the transliteration of the Hartshorne entry in the Doomsday Book. The postcards illustrate Hartshorne homesteads and coats of arms. The twenty-two glass plate negatives record photographic copies of miscellaneous eighteenth and nineteenth century Hartshorne manuscripts including letters and legal papers.

The genealogical charts files contain notes and folded genealogical charts of the Hartshorne and allied familites of the first through ninth generations and are filed as such. These are the charts that Hartshorne sent out with his genealogical inquiries for his informants to fill iin and send back. The last box contains charts that were never filed.

The bound volumes include the two-volume Hartshorne Family RecordHartshorne Genealogy... (n.d.), the Nine Generations of Hartshorne Family and Allied Branches (n.d.), a notebook, Hartshorne Family Discrepancies, etc. (n.d.), all by Joseph Hartshorne, and an 1852 pamplet by Charles Evans, MD entitled "Biographical Notice of Joseph Hartshorne, MD," grandfather of this collection's creator. (n.d.), the

The Hartshorne Family Record volumes are compilations of Joseph Hartshorne's research notes. They contain indexes, genealogies, histories, letters and other manuscripts, and news clippings. These volumes were annotated by the author and may have been the first draft of his proposed book, although it lacks synthesis. Volume One of the Record contains the schedule of descendants and provides the key to using the genealogical charts files. The Hartshorne Genealogy, Hartshorne - Bowne - Minturn - Collins - Haines Lines is a compilation of genealogies of the above families. The Nine Generations of Hartshorne Family and Allied Branches is a bound compilation of handwritten genealogies. A small notebook contains names, addresses, and notes. The Hartshorne Family Discrepancies, etc. is a memorandum-type notebook which records genealogical discrepancies.

The oversize printed material consists of maps and charts. The maps include:

A. 2 U.S. Geological Survey maps of New Jersey - New York - Sandy Hook Quadrangle, one on paper (1908 reprint of 1901 ed) and one on canvas (n.d.) with annotations delineating Hartshorne property in Monmouth County,

B. one Oldershaw's New Cycling Road-Way of Leicester and District (n.d.) which encompasses the area of the ancestral Hartshorne home in England, and

C. one blueprint of Luoise Hartshorne and Susanna P. Hartshorne's 38 98/100 acres and William Hartshorne's 32 98/100 acres in Middletown, NJ (1902).

The twenty-eight genealogical charts (1900; n.d.) are of the Hartshorne, Rhodes, Hobart, and Miller-Stabler families.

The index card files complement the genealogical charts files and are also arranged by generation. The guide chards in both series correspond with one another. The guide cards in the index card files indicate how line numbers were assigned. The index cards provide information on children of specific generations and are filed behind the parent's name (more information is available in the printed Guide to this collection).

Arrangement of the Joseph Hartshorne Genealogical Collection is described in the Series Description. Items removed from the collection include duplicative material, oversize material, and the glass plate negatives.

The collection will be of interest to researchers of the genealogy and family history of the Hartshorne and allied families. The Hartshornes were one of the original families to settle in Monmouth County.

The Hartshorne Family Papers and several other Hartshorne records groups also housed at the Monmouth County Historical Association Library and Archives closely relate to this collection. Letters of Richard Hartshorne (1765 - 1833) and Robert Hartshorne (n.d.) will be found in the Holmes Family Papers, 1780 - 1907 housed at the New Jersey Historical Society in Newark. The museum collections of the Monmouth County Historical Association include many significant objects with Hartshorne family histories.

PROVENANCE: Collection depositied in 1931 by Mr. Edward Hartshorne, Pottstown, PA., son of Joseph Hartshorne.


SIZE OF COLLECTION: 5 linear feet


1. Correspondence. 1900 - 1918
First sub-series arranged alphabetically by correspondent then in reverse chronological order. Second and third sub-series arranged alphabetically by correspondent then chronologically.

2. Research notes. n.d.
Arranged topically. Genealogy-Allied Branches and Notes by Others further arranged alphabetically by family name

3. Photographic Material. c. 1867 - c. 1915
Arranged topically.

4. Genealogical Charts Files. n.d.
Arranged by generation.

5. Bound Volumes, 1852; n.d.

6. Maps and Charts. 1900 - 1908; n.d.
See printed finding aid for location information.

7. Index Card Files. n.d.
Arranged by generation



Genealogical Inquiries

1 / 1 / Correspondence. A.

1 / 2 / Correspondence. C - E.

1 / 3 / Correspondence. F - G

1 / 4 / Correspondence. Hai - Ham.

1 / 5 / Correspondence. Hartshorne, A - E

1 / 6 / Correspondence. Hartshorne, F - J

1 / 7 / Correspondence. Hartshorne, L - P

1 / 8 / Correspondence. Hartshorne, R - V

1 / 9 / Correspondence. Hartshorne, W.

1 / 10 / Correspondence. Hay - Hu.

1 / 11 / Correspondence. I - K.

2 / 1 / Correspondence. L

2 / 2 / Correspondence. Ma - Mil

2 / 3 / Correspondence. Min - N

2 / 4 / Correspondence. P - R

2 / 5 / Correspondence. Sa - Sp

2 / 6 / Correspondence. Sq - Su

2 / 7 / Correspondence. T - V

2 / 8 / Correspondence. W; Unidentified

Typed Transcripts

3 / 1 / Correspondence. A - W

19th Century Typed Transcripts

3 / 2 / Correspondence. B - T; Unidentified

3 / 3 / Research Notes. Hartshorne Genealogy

3 / 4 / Research Notes. Hartshorne Genealogy

3 / 5 / Research Notes. Allied Branches A - W

4 / 1 / Research Notes. Abstracts of Wills

4 / 2 / Research Notes. Notes by Others. C - W

4 / 3 / Research Notes. From Published Sources

4 / 4 / Research Notes. Miscellaneous Material

4 / 5 / Photographic Material. c. 1867 - c. 1915. Coats of Arms, Domesday Book entries, Portraits

4 / 6 / Photographic Material. c. 1867 - c. 1915. Places

5 / all / Geneaological Charts Files. 1st - 6th Generations

6 / all / Genealogical Charts Files. 7th Generation

7 / all / Genealogical Charts Files. 8th - 9th Generations

8 / all / Gound Volumes. n.d. (Includes Hartshorne Family Record v. 1 & 2 & Hartshorne Genealogy...)

9 / all / Bound Volumes. 1852; n.d. (Includes Nine Generations... & misc. volumes)

10 / all / Index Card File. 1st - 5th Generations

11 / all / Index Card File. 6th Generation

12 / all / Index Card File. 7th Generation

13 / all / Index Card File. 7th - 8th Generations

14 / all / Index Card File. 8th - 10th Generations


Freehold, N.J. Monmouth County Historical Association. Joseph Hartshorne Genealogical Collection (Hartshorne Genealogy, Hartshorne - Bowne - Minturn - Collins - Haines Lines.)

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