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Coll. 850
Farmingdale Grange
Collection, 1971-1986

2.3 cubic feet, two file boxes

Processed by
Jennifer Strain
August 2009

Monmouth County Historical Association
Library & Archives
70 Court Street, Freehold, N.J. 07728

Biographical Note

The Grange was established in 1867 as the Order of Patrons of Husbandry in Texas. It spread rapidly across the United States and became known as the Grange. Originally the society was dedicated to the protection of the life of the farmer, but as the agricultural life style became less prevalent, the Grange became a social club with an emphasis on community service. According to one press release in this collection, the Grange is dedicating to preserving “the importance and beauty of the family, home, community, and agriculture.” Their motto is: In all things Charity.

The Farmingdale Grange is a subordinate group of the Monmouth Pomona Grange. In 1976 it was joined by the Farmingdale Junior Grange, an organization for members aged 5 to 14. The Junior Grange in Farmingdale was established thanks to the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith, two members of the Farmingdale Grange, on behalf of their son, Bruce Jr. They became the first ‘Matron’ and ‘Patron’ of the Junior Grange, in addition to their other responsibilities for the Farmingdale Grange. Linda Smith was the Lecturer; the Lecturer was responsible not for speaking per se, but for organizing and recording the activities of the club. The scrapbooks in this collection are the result of Linda’s efforts as Lecturer.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the scrapbooks created by Linda M. Smith, Lecturer for the Farmingdale Grange. In total there are ten binders and one folder, contained in two file boxes. There are two books dedicated solely to the Farmingdale Grange No.157, covering the years 1971 to 1980; two books solely for the Farmingdale Junior Grange No.55, covering the years 1976 to 1982; five books for the combined Farmingdale and Farmingdale Junior Granges, covering the years 1980 to 1986; and one book covering the year Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the New Jersey Stated Grange Young Couple of the year, from 1976 to 1977. All of the scrapbooks contain various ephemera from the Grange. This includes newsletters, programs, calendars, meeting details, correspondence, and a great number of photographs. All of this is incorporated with personal testimonials by Mrs. Smith.

Note: Two scrapbooks for the Monmouth Pomona Grange No.12 covering the years 1984 to 1986, also done by Linda M. Smith, Lecturer, have been moved to Coll. 200. Three programs and five tickets from minstrels produced by the Farmingdale Grange in the 1940s were moved from Coll. 200 to this collection.

Content Description


Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Program Book, 1971-1977

There are six parts to this binder.

Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Notebook, 1971-1972

Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Notebook, 1972-1973

Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Notebook, 1973-1974

Hamilton Grange No. 79: Lecturer’s Notebook, 1975-1976

Farmingdale Grange No. 157 and Junior Grange No. 55: Program Notebook, 1976-1977

Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Community Service Report, 1977-1978

Note: The Smiths spent approximately one year in Hamilton, where they participated in that Grange’s activities, and where Linda acted as their Lecturer for the year.

Binder – NJ State Young Couple: Scrapbook, 1976-1977

Bruce C. and Linda M. Smith - A scrapbook detailing the year Mr. and Mrs. Smith spent as the New Jersey State Grange’s Young Couple. With the purpose of introducing the couple to the National Grange for competition, it details their activities, as well as their commitment to the Grange and their community.

Binder – Farmingdale Junior Grange No. 55: Achievement Reports, 1976-1979

Achievement Reports and Community Service Reports for the Junior Grange, covering the first three years of its existence. These are individual reports combined into the binder, each covering one year. The Farmingdale Junior Grange was established in October 1976, so this binder includes information on its creation, as well as information on the general organization of the Junior Grange. The largest portion of this binder is the 1979 Achievement Report.

Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Program Book, 1979-1980

Includes the Junior Grange Report and the Community Service Report. It received Second Place in the NJ State Grange Lecturer’s Contest.

Binder – Farmingdale Junior Grange No. 55: Achievement Report, 1979-1980

An Achievement Report for entry to the State Junior Grange Achievement Reward. It details the Junior Grange’s activities for the year. The report received a Third Place ribbon from the New Jersey State Grange Junior Award.


Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Lecturer’s Scrapbook, 1980-1981

Includes the Junior Grange Report and the Junior Grange’s Community Service Report. It received Third Place. This binder includes information from the 75th Anniversary of the Monmouth Pomona Grange, and has a brief history of the Pomona.

Binder – Farmingdale Grange, 1981- 1983

There are four parts to this scrapbook:

Farmingdale Grange and J.G. report for the Subordinate Achievement Award, 1981-1982

Community Service Report for the National Grange, submitted to the State, 1982

Farmingdale Grange and Junior Grange Report, 1982-1983

Community Service Report, 1983

Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Yearbook, 1984

Includes the Farmingdale Grange and Junior Grange reports for 1983 to 1984. A point of interest is the mention of Howell Township’s Unity Day in September 1983.

Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Yearbook, 1985 I

ncludes the Farmingdale Grange and Junior Grange reports for 1984-1985. It received First Place in the State Grange of New Jersey Lecturer’s Contest. This scrapbook includes details of the fire that decimated the Farmingdale Grange Hall in that year.

Binder – Farmingdale Grange No. 157: Scrapbook, 1985-1986

Includes the Junior Grange’s report. It received an Outstanding Achievement in Yearbooks Award.

Moved to Coll. 200 From Coll. 850 (Aug. 2009):

Binder – Monmouth County Pomona Grange No. 12: Grange Yearbook 1984-1985 - This binder was compiled by Mrs. Linda Smith of the Farmingdale Grange, one of the eight subordinate granges of the Monmouth Pomona. This binder received First Place in the State’s Lecturer’s Contest.

Binder – Monmouth County Pomona Grange No. 12: Scrapbook 1985-1986 - This binder was also compiled by Mrs. Smith, and it received Third Place in the State’s Lecturer’s Contest.

Moved to Coll. 850 From Coll. 200 (Aug. 2009):


Programs: 2 for Waitin’ At the Station, April 1949; 1 for The Swanee Strutters, December 1947

Tickets: 3 for Waitin’ At the Station: A Minstrel, April 6-8, 1949; 1 each for Wed, Fri, and All Nights; 2 for The Showboat Jamboree: A Minstrel, April 10-11, 1953; 1 each for Friday and All Nights

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