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Manuscript Collections

Coll. 848
Margaret B. Bartlett
Papers, 1960 – 1970’s

1 cubic foot, one manuscript box

Processed by
Jennifer Strain
July 2009

Monmouth County Historical Association
Library & Archives
70 Court Street, Freehold, N.J. 07728

Biographical Note

Margaret B. Bartlett, also known as Mrs. Irving T. Bartlett, was a resident of Middletown Township, New Jersey. Most notably, she was the primary author of the syndicated newspaper column “Old Names in Monmouth,” a question and answer based genealogical column. The column was run by the Monmouth County Historical Association, of which she was a member. Mrs. Bartlett was also in charge of the Monmouth County portion of the 1960 New Jersey Historical Sites Evaluation, and there is evidence of her being involved in the county’s Shade Tree Commission. Margaret B. Bartlett was therefore a significant, if silent figure in the preservation of Monmouth County’s history.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of four specific parts. The first is a copy of the 1960 New Jersey Historical Sites Evaluation containing worksheets for sites in Monmouth County. The second part is composed of correspondence relating to the Newspaper column Old Names in Monmouth which was organized by Mrs. Bartlett. The third part is misc. writing, presumably by Mrs. Bartlett. The fourth part is a selection of publications relating to Shade Trees.

Content Description

Binder – New Jersey Historical Sites Evaluation

This binder contains copies of worksheets for the New Jersey Historical Sites Evaluation (NJHSE). The worksheets were all completed in the summer of 1960 and are for sites in Monmouth County. Some of the worksheets are accompanied by photographs and additional historical background. The worksheets are organized by town, and notably the ones from Middletown were completed by Mrs. Bartlett. From additional correspondence it can be inferred that Mrs. Bartlett was a sort of regional organizer for the NJHSE, and was responsible for collecting worksheets and forwarding them to the project.

Folder 1 – NJHSE Descriptions and Correspondence

This folder contains various descriptions of historical sites in Monmouth County, which have no corresponding worksheet in the NJHSE. Also there are two pieces of correspondence to Mrs. Bartlett relating to the NJHSE.

Folders 2 to 7 – Column Correspondence

These folders contain the correspondence received by Mrs. Bartlett pertaining to the newspaper column ‘Old Names in Monmouth.’ The column was run by the Monmouth County Historical Association and organized by Mrs. Bartlett; it was syndicated in several local papers. The column contained questions that were put out by people looking for specific genealogical information, as well as the answers sent in by people who responded to the questions. Questions were sent from as far away as California, as well as Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Florida. Closer at hand, there were several letters from New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

An interesting coincidence was two people asking about the Wallings, one from Texas, the other from Utah. However, they were each asking about different Wallings, and their requests were about four months apart. Another coincidence is the two writers from Loves Park, Illinois who do not appear to have been connected. Other neighbors participated as well such as the neighbors in Rumson, one who provided the first two answers and one who asked Question 18.

The folders are organized by the number of the original question and the date it was printed. The correspondence was marked up and numbered by Mrs. Bartlett. There are a total of over 80 questions, with printing dates from May, 1961 until February, 1963.

Folder 2 

Answers 1 and 3, printed 5/28/61
to Questions 27 and 30

Folder 3 

Answer 31, printed 2/24/62
to Question 69, printed 10/18/62

Folder 4 

Question 70, printed 10/18/62
to Question, printed 2/15/63
Unlabeled and Misc. Answers

Folder 5

Correspondence Regarding Column, non Q&A

Folder 6

Original Proposal for Column and Responses from Newspapers:
The Freehold Transcript
Asbury Park Press
Keyport Weekly and Matawan Journal
Red Bank Register
Allentown Messenger

Folder 7 

Misc. Genealogy Information

Folder 8 - Random Writings (Incomplete)

A collection of miscellaneous writing. This includes a group of random numbered pages, possibly belonging to a manuscript, as well as a selection of typed writings on varied topics. Topics covered range from notices about the damage of high heels on landscaping, to Middletown and New Jersey history.

Folder 9 – Miscellaneous

Membership cards to the Monmouth County Historical Association and the National Trust for Historic Preservation for 1961

Middletown Library - Thank You

Letter from Middletown Township Historical Society to Mr. George E. Smith

Contract from the Lion Oil Company

Typed Constitution page 3

Copy of the Old Wall Historical Society Constitution

Red Hill Road Parkway Protest Letter Campaign notice

Folder 10 – Shade Tree Information

A selection of publications on shade trees. There are four volumes of “The Shade Tree,” the Bulletin of the New Jersey Federation of Shade Tree Commissions, ranging from 1963-1967. From the same group are also two books titled “Trees for New Jersey Streets,” the original and a 1965 First Revision. There is also the Garden State Beauty Digest, and a leaflet with information for Arbor Day program leaders. The last booklet is a catalogue of shade trees from Scanlon ‘Tailored’ Trees.

Also included are a schedule and notes from “Preserving the Countryside” a conference from the New Jersey Governor’s Conference on Natural Beauty. In addition, there are more notes, and correspondence, all regarding trees.

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