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Coll. 847
Howell-Farmingdale Girl Scout Troop 433

1 cubic foot, one manuscript box

Processed by
Jennifer Strain
June 2009

Monmouth County Historical Association
Library & Archives
70 Court Street, Freehold, N.J. 07728

Biographical Note

The Howell-Farmingdale Girl Scout Troop 433 was a Senior Girl Scout Troop in 2005. At the time it consisted of six girls from the senior classes of Howell High School and Freehold High School. As part of their last year in Girl Scouts several of the members embarked on Gold Award projects.

The Gold Award is the highest award that a girl member of Girl Scouts can achieve. It is to be completed while they are in the Senior level and it consists of several requirements. Before beginning their project girls must complete four Interest Project Patches relating to the project, as well as the Career Exploration Pin, the Senior G.S. Leadership Award, and the Senior G.S. Challenge.

The Gold Award Project itself requires a minimum of 50 hours including the time spent both the planning and execution of the project. The goals of the Gold Award project are to serve the community beyond Girl Scouts.

Mary Pat Henri and Kathleen Barbato chose to do two parallel projects under the title “Howell: A Journey to the Past and through the Present.” At the conclusion of their project they did a display in the Monmouth County Historical Association’s Museum and then donated their material to the Library and Archives, so their project could continue to serve the community in the future.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the materials from Mary Pat Henri and Kathleen Barbato’s Gold Award Project. It is composed of one binder containing a photographic record of Howell and selected ephemera, two CDs containing digital copies of the photographs, three VHS tapes containing oral history interviews of long-time Howell residents, and worksheets filled out by third graders from Newbury School entitled “Tomorrow’s History – Third Graders in 2005.” Also included are more ephemera and the materials used in the museum display. The collection is approximately 1 cubic foot in size and is composed of one manuscript box.

Content Description

Binder – “Howell: A Journey to the Past and through the Present”

The first half of the binder is filled with thumbnails of the digital photos located on the CDs in this collection. The thumbnails are accompanies by a description including the name, address or location, contact information for shown businesses, and a small historical background for each photograph. Most are digital photographs taken around Howell in 2005. There are a few reproductions of old family photos as well.

This thumbnail catalogue is broken down into sections based mainly on the areas of Howell and building types. The sections are: Adelphia, Churches, Childer’s Personal Photos, Estelle and Malsbury Personal Photos, Farmingdale, Howell Map, McKenzie Museum, Mobile Homes, Parks/Fields/Lakes/Etc., Patterson Family Photos, McKenzie Museum Photos, Route 9, Route 33, and Schools.

The second half of the binder is ephemera relating to the history of Howell, and the current year of 2005. Included are: A Howell History Fact Sheet, Locator Map of Howell, Tax Rate Record, “Citizen’s Information Directory,” Pamphlet – Biography of Richard Howell, Third Governor of New Jersey, Pamphlet – Howell Township Founding and History, Information – Howell Senior Citizen’s Center, Facts Published by Howell Township Parks and Recreation Department (w/ Fact Sheet and Park Locations), Pamphlet – Youth and Family Counseling Services, List of Sports Organizations, Spring 2004 Brush Collection Schedule, Howell Senior Center Directory of Services, Park and Ride Application (w/ Fee List), Dog License Application, Cat Registration, Pamphlet – Ardena Public School Number 2, Pamphlet – Manasquan Reservoir, Pamphlet – Historical Village at Allaire, Pamphlet – 9-1-1 Lifeline, Monmouth Park System Mini Guide, History of Howell Township Flag, 1979 Autobiography of Charles Wesley Patterson, Special Thanks List for Gold Award Project.


Two CDs containing the digital photographs seen as thumbnails in the binder.

CD 1 contains Adelphia, Childer’s, Churches, Estelle and Malsbury, Farmingdale, Howell Map, Interviewed Houses, McKenzie Museum, Mobile Homes, Parks/Fields/Lakes, Patterson Farm, Photos from McKenzie Museum, Schools, and Township Buildings.

CD 2 contains Rt 9, Rt 33, Township Buildings, and Information on all Photographs.

VHS Tapes

Oral History Interviews of Long-time Howell Residents

Three VHS video tapes containing interviews with elderly residents of Howell.

The purpose was to preserve Howell’s history.

Tape 1: Winona Jameson – Farmingdale
Dolores Childers – Land of Pines
Matya and Sara Andreyev – Freewood Acres
Irving Schwartz – Oak Glen Road
John Ryan – Land of Pines

Tape 2: John Ryan cont.
Jack Horner – Southard
Jack and Bobbi Krupnick – Southard
Don Patterson – Adelphia
Evelyn Barrows – Ramtown

Tape 3: Lynn Gillette – Casino Rd
Arnold Carpenter – Southard
Jimmy Estelle – Southard
Ann Malsbury – Adelphia

Folder 1 – Worksheets: “Tomorrow’s History – Third Graders in 2005”

Worksheets filled out by students in the third grade of Newbury School on April 13, 2005. The questions asked included the student’s name and age, “I live in the ___ development of Howell,” “Things I like to do,” chores at home, favorite movie, and “one of my favorite stories about living in Howell.” There are 49 complete worksheets.

Folder 2 – Ephemera

Seven pieces of ephemera from 2005 including:

Playbill – Chicago – Howell High School Drama Club, March 11, 12, 18, 19 2005

Program – Mr. FTHS – Freehold Township HS Senior class, February 23, 2005

Map and Visitors Guide – Howell Township, 2003

Brochure – Sal Sgroi’s Temprite, Freehold

Newsletter – Howell Township Messenger – Fall 2004

Newsletter – Freehold Regional High School District, News Report, April 2005, Vol. 06 No. 3

Newspaper – The Howell Times, April 15, 2005, Vol. 2 No. 7

Folders 3 and 4 – Displays

Cards from the museum display at the conclusion of the project. They consist of photos, labels, and description or quotes pasted on photo holders. The photos are selected from the collection found in the binder.

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