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Collection 259

Thomas T. Williams

Daybook, 1842 April 22 - 1850 March 11 

Indexed by

Debbie Carmody

Monmouth County Historical Association
70 Court Street
Freehold, New Jersey 07728

April 2009

Thomas T. Williams owned and operated a general store in the Poplar section of Shrewsbury Township (now part of Deal and Ocean Township) at the corner of Poplar and Deal Roads. The daybook is a daily record of customer purchases made at this store. Each entry contains the customer’s name, items purchased, and quantity purchased. There are also entries about other types of transactions occurring at the store: catalog orders, orders placed on behalf of another person, and monies paid by the Township of Shrewsbury. Williams sold a wide range of goods in his store. Typical items included tea, muslin, candles, boots, eggs, butter, soap, nails, sugar.

The day book covers the period April 1842 – July 1844 inclusive. The end of the book contains a 19-page inventory of the store’s stock, as of March 26, 1849.

On March 29, 1849, $600 was received in part pay for one-half of Williams’ stock of goods in the store. This transaction was made with William W. Cook. The settlement of the invoice occurred on March 11, 1850. 

Note: The daybook contains 602 pages (1 volume) but contains no hand-written page numbers after page 550.

Follows is an index of names found the daybook. 

Algor, Divine

Algor, John

Algor, Samuel

Algor, Thomas

Anderson, John

Applegate, Joseph S.

Aumack [Aurnack], Thomas

Barclay & Co.

Barclay, Joseph

Bennett, Benjamin W.

Bennett, Daniel

Bennett, Deborah

Bennett, Edward

Bennett, Elias

Bennett, George

Bennett, James

Bennett, Peter

Bennett, Rachel

Bennett, Samuel

Bennett, William H.

Black, Thomas

Blowers, George

Borden, Benjamin

Borden, John S.

Borden, Richard

Borden [Bordin], Thomas T.

Bowne, William R.

Bowyer, Anna

Bowyer, Sarah

Brinley, Henry

Brittain, Holmes

Bronson, William

Brown, Adam

Brown, Amelia

Brown, Asher

Brown, George T.

Brown, Halsted

Brown, Job

Brown, John

Brown, Tyler

Brown, William

Bruley, Henry

Button, Stephen S.

Button, William

Campbell, Joseph

Chamberlain, John H.

Clayton, Lyebulon

Clayton, Thomas

Clinton, Elizabeth

Clinton, Reuben

Conover, Joseph

Conover, Phineas

Conro, Charles

Conro, John

Cook, Allen R.

Cook, Thomas

Cook, William W.

Cooper, Samuel

Cooper, William

Cooper, [Alriah]

Corlies, Chandler

Corlies, George

Corlies (Capt.), John P.

Corlies, Samuel

Covert, Alford

Covert, Daniel

Covert, Ellison

Covert, James

Covert, Richard E.

Covert, Tucker

Covert, William M.

Craig, Lewis

Cromell [Crumel], Edward

Cromell, Edwin

Cromell, Leah

Crop, Charles

Crop, Sarah

Croyson, William W.

Crum [Crumb], Richard

Curtis, John

Curtis, Walter

Dangler, Ann Maria

Dangler, Betsy

Dangler, Daniel

Dangler, David

Dangler, Garret

Dangler, Henry

Dangler, James

Dangler, John

Dangler, Joseph

Dangler, Layton

Dangler, Lydia Ann

Dangler, Sarah

Dangler, Valentine

Dangler, William

Davis, [Lovee]

Davison, Richard

De Grant, Alford D.

De Grant [Degrant], Leonard

Dennis, Anthony

Dennis [Denis], Philip

Disboro [Disboroo], Elijah

Disboro, Henry

Disboro [Disboroo] [Disbury], Joseph

Drummond, Bloomfield

Edwards, Henry

Edwards, John C.

Elmer, Jacob

Elmer, John

Elmer, Riley

Ely, Racine [Rascine]

Emley, Peter

Emmons, Francis

Emmons, John

English, Ann

Farry [Fary], Sylvester

Fary [Favy], Lydia

Fary [Favy][Farry], Michael

Fary [Favy], Peter

Fary [Favy][Farry], William

Fay, Ethan A.

Field, Dennis

Fields, Brittain

Fields, Henry

Fields, John

Fleming, Charles

Fleming, Sylvester

Fleming, Wesley

Fowler, Edgar

Fowler, Elijah

Fowler, Hannah

Fowler, Mary

Garabrants, Abraham

Garabrants, Jacob

Garabrants, Jeremiah

Gardner, James

Gardner, John

Gardner, Soloman

Gifford, William

Glisson, Morris

Green, James

Green, John

Hagerman, George

Hagerman, Jane

Hagerman, John

Hagerman, Phebe

Haight, William

Hankinson, Lewis

Harkey, Betsey

Harris, Benjamin

Harris, William

Harry  [Harvy], Gavine

Harry [Harvy] [Harvey], James

Harry, Michael

Harry [Harvy], Samuel

Harry [Harvy], Thomas

Hartshorn, John B.

Harvy, Longstreet

Havens, Daniel

Hawkes [Harkes][Harker], William

Hawley, Cornelius

Hawley, John

Hawley, Richard

Hayner, William

Heding, Peter

Hendrickson, Clayton

Hendrickson, Garrett T.

Hendrickson, Nancy

Hennisee, John

Herbert, Joseph

Herby, Samuel

Hill, William

Holmes, Clementine

Holmes, Josiah

Holmes, Samuel

Howland, Asher

Howland, Correll [Corell]

Howland, Deborah

Howland, Eden

Howland, Elizabeth

Howland, Henry

Howland, James

Howland, John

Howland, Michael

Hunter, James

Hunter, Jane

Hunter, John

Hunter, Mary

Hunter, Ruth

Hurley, Charles

Hurley, Cornelius

Hurley, Harriet

Hurley, James

Hurley, Jeremiah

Hurley, John

Hurley, Levi

Hurley, Richard

Hurley, Robert

Hurley, Thomas

Hurley, William

Ignan, James Morris

Ireland, John

Jackson, Benjamin B.

Jackson, Catharine

Jackson, Elizabeth

Jackson, George

Jackson, James

Jackson, John

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Rebecca Ann

Jackson, Samuel

Jackson, William

Jeffrey, Charlotte [Sharlotte]

Jeffrey, Cortney

Jeffrey, Derrick

Jeffrey, Milford

Jeffrey, Richard

King, Abraham

King, Abram

King, Benjamin

King, George W.

King, Joseph

King, Lain

King, Robert H.

King, Susan

King, Thomas

Kirby, Samuel

Lafetra, Edward

Lafetra, James A.

Lane, Aaron

Lane, Abraham

Lane, Abram

Lane, Betsey

Lane, C

Lane, John

Lane, Peter

Lane, Samuel

Lane, [Manning]

Layton, Anna

Layton, John

Layton, Michael

Layton, William

Lewis, John, P.

Lippencott, Allen

Lippencott, Elizabeth

Lippencott, Enoch

Lippencott, Joel

Longstreet, Josiah

MacDaniel, Mary

MacDaniel, Thomas

Manly, James

Manuel, Peter

Maps, Reuben

Maps, Soloman

Martin, Jesse

Martin, John P.

Mathews, Elijah

McGinty, Charles

McGregor, Hugh

McIntire, John

Mesker [Metzger], Henry

Mooney, Joseph

Moony, Rebecca

Morford, Austin

Morris, Abigail

Morris, Abram

Morris, Amos

Morris, Charles

Morris, Henry

Morris, James

Morris, Jeremiah B.

Morris, Joseph B.

Morris, Josiah

Morris, Robert B.

Morris, Samuel

Morris, Wolcott

Morton, David

Morton, John

Moster, Mary Ann

Mount, James

Mustey [Musty] [Mastay][Mustay][Mostay], James

Mustry [Musty], Mary Ann

Musty, Mary

Newbury, Stephen

Newman, Henry

Newman, Samuel

Newman, Sarah

Newman, Thomas

Parker, Benjamin

Parker, Catharine

Parker, William

Pearce [Pierce], Amos

Pearce, Mary

Pierce, Jacob

Pierce, Jeremiah

Pierce, Jesse

Pitcher [Pilcher], Edward

Pool, James

Pool, Joseph

Price, Capt.

Price, John

Priver], Jeremiah

Remino, Benjamin

Reynolds, James

Richard, Abigail

Richardson, Charles

Riddle, Capt.

Riley [Rily], Louisa [Louiza]

Rummel, James

Rummell, Sarah Ann

Saxon, Catharine

Sculthorpe, Josiah

Sculthrope, James

Shaftoe [Shaftor] [Shafto], John

Shaftoe, Robert

Sherman, Abraham

Slate, William

Slocum, David

Slocum, Elisha

Slocum, Jordan

Slocum, Sarah

Slocum, William

Smith, Catharine

Smith, Charles

Smith, Cornelius B.

Smith, Henry

Smith, Ida Ann

Smith, John

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Lewis

Smith, Louisa [Louiza]

Smith, Robert

Smith, William

Snowhill, W.

Sodan, George W.

Sprangstein [Springstein], Abraham

Stanley, James

Stephens, John

Stevenson, Jane

Steveson, Abraham

Stout, Carhart

Stout, Elhanan

Stout, Samuel

Stout, William

Striker, Abram

Sukre, Elizabeth

Sylvester, Ann

Taber, Jos.

Tallman, Ellis

Tallman, James

Tallman, Samuel

Tallman, William

Taylor, [Geusbet]

Thorn, William

Throckmorton, James

Throckmorton, Scott

Tiffin, George E.

Tilton, John P.

Tilton, Shafto [Shaftoe]

Truax,  Williams & Truax

Truax, Anthony

Truax, Elias

Truax, John H.

Truax, Mary

Truax, [Goodenough]

Van Brunt, Mary

Van Brunt, Reuben

Vanderveer, Garret

Vannota, Margaret

Vannota, Theodore

Vannota, William

Vanpelt, Anthony

W... [illegible], Hugh

Wainright, Daniel

Walters, George W.

Walters, Jacob

Wardell, Robert

Wardell, Samuel

Warner, Jacob

Wekoff [Wykoff], Peter W.

West, Daniel

West, Edmond

West, Elisha

Whelon, John

White, Amos

White, Arthur

White, Asher

White, Brittain

White, Catharine

White, Charles H.

White, Curtis

White, Drummond

White, Edward

White, Emoline

White, Garret

White, George

White, Hannah

White, Hendrickson

White, Hugh

White, Isabel [Isabella]

White, Jediah

White, John

White, Jonathan

White, Mary

White, Polly

White, Robert

White, Sharlotte

White, Tucker

White, William

Whitehead, Isaac

Wikoff, Samuel

William, T.

Williams & Howland

Williams, Clarinda

Williams, Curtis

Williams, Daniel

Williams, Elizabeth

Williams, Else

Williams, Israel

Williams, John

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Lydia

Williams, Thomas T.

Williams, William H.

Williams, [illegible]

Williams, [Wit...], C.

Wolcott, Edward

Wolcott, Henry

Wolcott, Jesse

Wolcott, John

Wood, Jos. M.

Woolley & Borden

Woolley, Alexander

Woolley, Amanda

Woolley, Ann

Woolley, Benjamin

Woolley, Curtis

Woolley, Daniel

Woolley, Eden

Woolley, Esek

Woolley, Jacob

Woolley, James

Woolley Esq., John

Woolley, Jonah

Woolley, Josiah

Woolley, Ludlow

Woolley, Mary

Woolley, Robert H.

Woolley, Samuel

Woolley, Tucker

Woolley, Ursula

Woolley, William

Youmans, Henry

Youmans, Jonathan


[Acc. #1998.32]


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